Connection to Country (2020)

Nicole Monks


As part of the St. Leonards Health Organisation Relocation, Nicole Monk’s was commissioned to Royal North Shore Hospital. There are three artworks installed into the space.

The soffit underside at the entrance features a 1.1m high lettering with a mirror finish and soft backlighting, which spans 40m.

The shade structure is a 3m high steel frame with six steel shade panels embellished with a native floral design cut using a water-jet and painted with a black gloss finish. Underneath the shade structure is sandstone bench seating with a Corian top featuring etched lettering.

The message stick is constructed of a 3m high corten steel frame and panel assembly with a laser-cut pattern based on traditional aboriginal message sticks. It sits in the middle of a sandstone circle with etched aboriginal lettering indicating the cardinal directions.